• Fulvic Acid for Athlets

Life Elixir Fulvic SPORT Benefits and Uses
Life Elixir Fulvic Sport is one of two classes of humic acidic, organic compounds found in the earth’s soils, rock sediments and bodies of water. Over the past several decades, we’ve learned a lot more about how humic substances found in dirt, including Life Elixir Fulvic Sport, can actually improve human gut health and therefore immune functions. While people used to obtain higher amounts of humic acids naturally from the soil, today they often turn to food-grade supplements to boost their nutrient intake and improve gut health.

Natural Humic Fulvic Acid food supplement for Athlets
Life Elixir Fulvic Acid Athlets 50 ml is enough for 100 days by using ones a day or for 50 days by using twice a day.

Dossage: Add 8 drops in 200 ml of non-⁠chlorinated water or any healthy drink.

Usage: For best results, take Life Elixir Fulvic Acid Alkaline an half hour before or an half hour after a meal.

Advice: 2 times a day 8 drops.

Storage advice: Keep cool and dry.

Life Elixir Fulvic Acid Sport 50 ml is enough for 100 days by using ones a day or for 50 days by using twice a day.

Ingredients Fulvic Minerals and Fulvic Acid! Humic Acid 9 Macro Minerals 10 Trace Minerals 57 Trace Elements 18 Amino Acids 15 Organic Acids 5 Vitamins 116 Prehistoric Ingredients in Total.

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Fulvic Acid for Athlets

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